Tarkington Park Opening Ceremony

July 29, 2017

Below are my comments from today’s opening ceremony for the improved Tarkington Park. The improvements to Tarkington Park were designed and funded via Proposal 77, that I proposed and passed in 2014, as an At-Large member of the Indianapolis City/County Council.

“Good morning. I wanted to use my time today to discuss how the improvements to Tarkington Park came about. About 10 years ago, after being elected to be Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood Association (BTNA) President, I started meeting with neighborhood leaders and businesses. There were lots of ideas for how to make Butler-Tarkington a more livable neighborhood including eliminating the parking meters at 38th and Illinois – but one idea out stood out above the rest. Kathy Shorter, one of the founder’s of Midtown Indy, had a vision for Tarkington Park as a place where all of Midtown could come together. As time went on this idea gained currency and support. First BTNA, followed quickly by our friends at the Broad Ripple Village Association, the Meridian Kessler Neighborhood Association, Mapleton-Fall Creek and from Crown Hill neighbors. Universally, we recognized that a strong Tarkington Park could be a place where all our Midtown neighborhoods — and all of Indianapolis — could come together. Ultimately, as a member of the Indianapolis City/County Council, I was honored to introduce and pass Proposal 77 that funded the park improvements. Today, the results are clear – Kathy’s vision, put forward 10 years ago, has resulted in a park that is an exciting, dynamic place for families of all backgrounds come together to play and enjoy life.”


Tarkington Park Openeing


Tarkington Park Transformation (Phase I)

March 16, 2014





Council Vice President Barth recently announced a plan for major improvements to Tarkington Park, located at 39th and Illinois Street. The concept behind the $5 million investment is to jump-start development in the historic business node, while making transformative improvements to the park that will benefit all the region’s neighborhoods (30,000 people live within a 15-minute walk). This is Phase I of an eventual proposed redevelopment of all of Tarkington Park. Proposal 77, the funding vehicle for part of the project, will be introduced to the full Council during the March 17th meeting. A rendering of the park improvements is below:

Tarkington Park