An Important Year for Indianapolis

2019 is an important year for Indianapolis. The arrival of the municipal elections reminds us that there is much we can accomplish to move our city forward — working to ensure that Indy is the kind of place where our children will succeed and our neighborhoods thrive. 

I am running to return to the City/County Council because I am committed to moving a results-focused agenda forward. During my last term, I was honored to serve as Council Vice President to then President Maggie Lewis. In my time on the Council, I led the way and passed proposals to revitalize Tarkington Parkto create the Indianapolis Pre-K Programto pass our city’s smoke-free ordinanceand oppose the Religious Freedom Restoration Act

 While meaningful progress has been made, there is much left to accomplish. 

 I am known as a leader who works to achieve the priorities of the neighborhoods I represent. As the District 7 Councilor, I will work hard, listening carefully to neighborhoods, and to create an agenda we can all rally behind focused on quality of life improvements, addressing the needs of low income families, and ensuring infrastructure needs are achieved. 

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