Council Passes Proposal 120 Overwhelmingly – Rejecting RFRA

March 30, 2015

Indianapolis City-County Council: Indy Welcomes All

Passes Proposal 120 Overwhelmingly – Rejecting RFRA

 Indianapolis – With a bi-partisan support, Indianapolis City-County Councilors passed Proposal 120 Monday night. Proposal 120 opposes SEA 101, also known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act or RFRA, which was passed by the Indiana General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Pence.

City/County Council President Maggie Lewis said “with this vote, the Council has stated simply and clearly that the people of Indianapolis are against discrimination – no exceptions.”

Since the passage of RFRA, the city of Indianapolis has seen the economic consequences of the General Assembly’s actions, with a large employer halting expansion plans, multiple conventions expressing second thoughts about working with Visit Indy, and concern expressed by long-term partners from the sports world including the NCAA, the NFL, and our own Indiana Pacers and Fever.

“Proposal 120 sends a crystal clear message across the nation and the world that Indianapolis is a welcoming and diverse city – and we reject legislation at the state level that suggests otherwise” said Council Vice President John Barth.

Proposal 120 opposes SEA 101, encourages the Indiana General Assembly to amend the Civil Rights section of the Indiana Code include sexual orientation and to uphold and protect local anti-discrimination ordinances.

“Indianapolis residents and visitors should feel confident that our city welcomes everyone. All the proof you need is to see all the groups opposing this state action. Business leaders, Indianapolis City-County Council, faith groups, advocates and community groups are working together in strong partnership to fight imposition of this discriminatory law,” said Lewis.



RELEASE: City-County Council to Introduce Resolution against SEA 101 Monday

March 27, 2015

City-County Council: All are welcome, RFRA hurts our City

Resolution against SEA 101 to be introduced Monday

 Indianapolis – Members of the Indianapolis City-County Council will introduce a resolution on Monday opposing the recent passage of SEA 101 which many view an opening the door to discrimination and possible economic consequences for Marion County.

“The City of Indianapolis is a welcoming place that values all its citizens – SEA 101 does not reflect the diversity of our great city,” said Council President Maggie Lewis.

The resolution, Proposal 120, will be introduced at Monday’s City-County Council meeting. Proposal 120 opposes the Indiana General Assembly’s passage of Senate Enrolled Act 101, also known as the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), and encourages State legislators to amend the Civil Rights section of the Indiana Code to include sexual orientation and to uphold and protect local anti-discrimination ordinances by exempting them from SEA 101.

Council Vice President John Barth said “The encouraging news is that local business leaders, community groups, elected officials, and Indianapolis residents are expressing their concern about RFRA and affirming that what makes our city great is the diversity of our people and our welcoming hospitality.”

The resolution reiterates what Council ordinances have already made clear: Indianapolis welcomes people of any sexual orientation, race, gender identification, ethnicity, religion, or creed.

A copy of the resolution can be viewed at the Council’s webpage:



March 2, 2015


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INDIANAPOLIS – Tonight the Indianapolis City-County Council passed Proposal 42, investing more than $4 million to provide a high-quality pre-K education for more than 1,000 students from some of the city’s neediest families. The money will be used to provide scholarships to attend highly-rated pre-K programs.

Approval of the Preschool Scholarship Program funding proposal allows the city to leverage $4.4 million already raised from the corporate community.

Council President Maggie A. Lewis and Vice President John Barth released this joint statement:
“We are proud of the action taken by council tonight and of the true community effort that helped launch this program. Making quality pre-K available to students who need it most will level the playing field and help them start school ready to learn and be high achievers. We look forward to building a successful program.”