Comments From Council Vice President Barth at the Signing Ceremony for the Indianapolis Pre-K Program

December 11, 2014

Below are the comments made by Council Vice President John Barth at the signing ceremony for the Indianapolis Pre-K Program on December 11, 2014:

Today’s launch of the Indianapolis Pre-K program represents the best of  government: strong policy that will bear fruit for generations, coming as the result of a true community effort.  We are here because elected officials of different parties, community non-profits, and business leaders came together to address a serious problem. There is an alarming increase in child poverty in Indianapolis – nearly a third of our kids live in poverty. The increase in poverty didn’t happen for a single reason, and there is no single solution. Action on many fronts is required, and today we take a bold step. It is clear by nearly every measure that access to high quality early education puts kids from families in need on the path to a better life. That is why we act today – it is a big step, but it is not a victory lap. The Indianapolis pre-K program won’t solve child poverty in Indianapolis, but it is a good foundation for what Council and the Mayor can do together to support  families. The opportunity to lead the effort for quality pre-k and seeing it pass overwhelmingly on December 1st was one of my proudest days on the Council. Today I am pleased to stand with the Mayor as he signs it into law. Let’s keep our expectations high. This is just the beginning.


Joint Statement from Council President Maggie A. Lewis and Vice President John Barth on the passage of Proposal 367

December 2, 2014

Joint Statement from Council President Maggie A. Lewis and Vice President John Barth on the passage of Proposal 367 – the Indianapolis Pre-K Program.

We are heartened that the Indianapolis City/County Council passed bipartisan Proposal 367 tonight. With this historic vote, the Council has ensured that families can set a positive direction for children in our city who start life at a disadvantage. Over the next five years thousands of Indianapolis children will experience the benefits of high quality pre-k and start their lives on the road to success. We look forward to tracking their progress and making any needed adjustments to Proposal 367. We would like to thank our Council colleagues for their support, the corporate community, especially Eli Lilly & Co., for their dedication, many community advocates, and the mayor for his commitment – together we will make a difference in the lives of our city’s children for years to come.