Support Complete Streets

July 28, 2012

8/14/12 Update: Complete Streets passed the full City/County Council on 8/13/12 by a vote of 28 – 0.

Below is a letter to the editor by John and President Lewis re: their proposal 208 – Complete Streets. The letter was published in the Indianapolis Star on 7/31/12.

To the Editor:

As our city continues to grow, build, develop, and re-develop our residential and commercial corridors, the last thing we need to do is to create more remote, isolated islands and bridges to nowhere.

For our citizens, our employees and the new families and businesses Indianapolis needs to attract, planners must focus on making our city more connected and livable. We can start making a difference today. We have introduced the bipartisan Proposal 208 – a “Complete Streets” ordinance – to City/County Council. If passed by Council and signed into law by Mayor Ballard, this ordinance will change the way development and redevelopment is done.

It will require planners to acknowledge that our streets are not only used by cars and should not be developed as if they were. Our street and sidewalk design must take all users into consideration – lets make our neighborhoods accessible for bikers, parents pushing strollers and kids crossing the street to play in the park. Lets make it easier for busses to drop off and pick up passengers without interrupting the flow of traffic and lets get our city ready for mass transit.

With a Complete Streets ordinance in place, Indianapolis will join other Indiana cities such as Bloomington and Anderson in working to ensure that our streets are less fast-moving highways for cars to get through our neighborhoods and more well-designed arteries that support all our neighbors no matter how they get around.