Bi-Partisan Support Boosts Tougher Smoking Ban

Below is a press release from the Indianapolis City/County Council:

Indianapolis, April 16, 2012  – The City/County Council, by a bi-partisan majority, approved a tough new smoke-free ordinance Monday night.

The new ordinance will extend the current non-smoking rules to include bars, bowling alleys, restaurants and hotel rooms. The bipartisan ordinance was authored by Councillors Angela Mansfield and John Barth.

“We’ve talked and we’ve listened. We’ve studied and we’ve compromised. Now, we’ve taken action to protect our residents and workers and make our city more attractive to business and tourists,” said Council President Maggie Lewis.

The proposal permits smoking in private clubs if a majority of their members vote to allow it. Without an affirmative vote to allow smoking private clubs will be smoke-free.

Mayor Ballard vetoed an earlier proposal that covered private clubs, but protected children, by restricting their access to clubs that retained smoking. A recently passed state law now includes protection for children in certain, designated rooms in private clubs.

“I am pleased we have passed a common-sense proposal that will expand protections and better promote public health. I urge the Mayor’s to sign this proposal right away”, said at-large Councillor John Barth.


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