Council Urges Mayor to use Uncovered State Funds for Public Safety

Below is a press release from the Indianapolis City/County Council:

Indianapolis – With the State’s announcement that Indiana counties have been underfunded through tax payments, the City-County Council is urging the Mayor and City Controller to use a portion of those unexpected additional funds to address the public safety shortfalls in the Department of Public Safety and the Marion County Sheriff’s Department.  On Thursday, April 5, 2012, the State made a public announcement of previous underfunding in tax distributions to Indiana counties, which will result in an additional distribution of funds to Marion County of $17.7 million for 2011 and $23.6 million for 2012.  While the Mayor has issued a press release stating that he intends to put those additional funds into reserve for future budget challenges in 2013, Council leaders feel a portion of those monies should be used now to address funding gaps in public safety, before those gaps become unmanageable and public safety for citizens is thereby threatened.
“Public safety is a critical function of local government, and the safety of our citizens has to be our top priority.  The additional distribution provided by the State is a perfect opportunity to close the funding gap and keep our citizens safe,“ stated Council President Maggie Lewis.

Recent meetings of the Council’s Public Safety and Criminal Justice Committee revealed budget shortfalls in various public safety departments and agencies, causing Council leaders to call for a special hearing.  Efforts continue to find solutions to funding critical public safety services for the citizens of Indianapolis.


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