Barth Campaign on Strong Neighborhoods

November 30, 2010

Every Marion County neighborhood is unique, with its own strengths, goals and problems. As a member of the Indianapolis City/County Council, John Barth’s  focus will be on working with neighborhoods to preserve what works, to listen to concerns, and to work in partnership to improve the quality of our lives. Read the Barth for City/County Council position on supporting Indianapolis neighborhoods here: Barth_Strong_Neighborhoods_FINAL


Barth Campaign Neighborhood Meetings

November 14, 2010

The residents of Marion County live in neighborhoods that are unique, from the community assets they posses to the people who live there. During the fall of 2010, the Barth for Council Campaign is hosting a series of meetings with neighbors across Indianapolis to hear ideas on how our neighborhoods can be strengthened to ensure we have safe places to work, live, play, and enjoy family.